Mate Delic @ Roland Garros

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Mate Delic @ Roland Garros

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Mate Delic @ Roland Garros celebrity websites
Image by johanlb Croatian junior tennis player Mate Delic (born 29 April 1993) at Roland Garros, French Open 2011 Roland Garros, Paris, France - 05/2011. Photo by © Johan Le Bail. view large on black | visit my website | 500px | follow me on twitter | see me on facebook

Laney Chantal in Bloody Valentine Bodypaint Design by Bryan Crump celebrity websites
Image by The Crump Effect My team and I had the pleasure of working with Laney Chantal who is now known for being on SyFy’s hit show FACEOFF, She is also a model, as well as a very talented makeup and special effects artist. Check out her website: www.makeupbylaney.com If you worked with us what would you create? These are some images from a shoot we did back in 2009. The body painting is done by me, Bryan Crump. It has been my pleasure and honor over the years to work with some pretty amazing and talented to people. I truly feel blessed. My team and I would like to say congratulations to Laney on getting a chance to show her work and what she can do on FACEOFF. She has had her work and modeling featured in several publications and websites but I think this recent thing with SYFY if going to be a huge catalyst for her. Tune in to Watch SyFy’s Faceoff every Tuesday to see some amazing artists compete and see what they are capable of. My team, the models and I, really want to thank all of you for your support, likes, favorites, comments and feedback. We are glad you like the work we are doing and we have good news. We are now working on a Youtube channel called " The Crump Effect". We will be doing some fun interviews with talented creators, some variety shows and shorts and for the past several weeks we have been working on FREE Body Painting tutorial videos that will will be posting on our youtube channel. So If you are interested, search for "The crump Effect" on youtube and google to find out more. When you find us, subscribe and say hello. Let us know what you would like to see. Click here to see The Crump Effect on Youtube